Virtual  Simulator Flying Experiences

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Now you can fly any plane, any where, with an experienced pilot.

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Sim-Fly Norfolk Open Day at
Old Buckenham Wings & Wheels show 
30th April 2017
Free Flying!

For Fun

1 hour session

Budding pilots will be welcomed by an experienced flying instructor before being shown the controls and enjoy a 'flight' in a Cessna trainer from Norwich airport - always in perfect weather!

You may then fly ANY plane, ANY where - Tiger Moth at Swanton Morley, a Red Arrow Hawk at Marham or a Spitfire at Coltishall - something for everyone.

A truly memorable experience and an ideal gift.



5 X 1 hour lessons

Training courses enable students to learn the controls, procedures, manoeuvres in more detail.

All knowledge gained is used to reduce the time and costs of learning to fly for real.

OR for those who "have always wanted to learn how to fly", but are on a budget.​

OR who have a medical condition.​


Learn faster

Save money

Perfect your knowledge

Includes briefings


For Pilots

1 hour lesson

Licensed pilots or pilots under training can fly our simulator either SOLO or DUAL to practice navigation, radio procedures (click here for more info), instrument/night flying and emergency procedures.

Build up your confidence and knowledge, all in the safe environment of a simulator with friendly advice from professional flying instructors.​

Experience a variety of different planes, day/night and airfields.


After you've bought your voucher please call

01953 860914 to book your slot!

A truly immersive experience

The Latest State of the Art Technology

Our simulation software evolved from Microsoft ESP technology and supports fully immersive, experiential learning.  It is consistently used in industry for professional training and academic learning.

Advantages to Simulator Virtual Flying


No medical requirements - easy access to simulator


Start flying from 12 years old (Must be accompanied by a responsible adult) - Certificates awarded.


No weather restrictions


A fraction of the cost of ‘real’ flying


ALL the best parts of Flying – but beware, Sim-Flying can be addictive...

Simulator Flying Ltd. (SIM-FLY) is based at Old Buckenham airfield in central Norfolk, UK and specialises in teaching 'flying' or having 'flying' experiences with simulated flying systems – any plane, any time, any where – but all in perfect safety.

Students can just enjoy 'FUN' simulator flying sessions OR follow a standard course of simulator flying lessons and progress on to more advanced flying which covers night flying, instrument flying and other more challenging flying.

Experiences & Sessions are for individuals but up to 4 other people can watch and enjoy the 'flight'. We also try to 'fly' over your house - photos/film may be taken...

"We see this program as a very valuable stepping-stone in our son's career path, absolutely cost-effective and pragmatic."

David. J. Waterfield, (retired) Consulting Psychologist. Norwich

  ​Video Testimonial From Richard Moore

You're in capable hands

1 to 1 instruction is provided by Captain John Hoyte, a highly experienced flying instructor who has decades of varied flying experience to draw upon and offers a bespoke simulator learning experience.

The early years aerial crop spraying

John aerial crop spraying

As an airline pilot

John as a pilot airline flying

Today on the virtual flight simulator

Virtual Simulator Flying Experiences 5

Capt. Hoyte was medically retired due to Aerotoxic Syndrome (EDP article) in 2005 along with countless other aircrew and airline passengers who have been exposed to organophosphates whilst flying in jet airliners.

Click for a FREE download of Aerotoxic Syndrome - Aviation's Darkest Secret

Any flight simulator lesson or session makes for a unique, memorable gift or present.

Pre paid gift vouchers bought anytime before Christmas can be used 6 months after the big day...

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